How to make money as a homeschooling parent

If homeschooling is on your heart chances are that one of the things that may be holding you back is expenses. Or possibly you already home school and you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash. Personally I was a couple years into homeschooling when I began to feel the need to help my family financially. However, I had been a stay at home mom for 10 years by then and I really didn’t want to give up my personal convictions to home school my kids to start working, so what was I going to do? I did what I know to do and I took it to the Lord. I prayed a very specific request, that I thought was really asking a lot and would be hard to come across. My prayer was that God would present me with an opportunity to help out my family, that would allow me to bring my children, and would also allow me to continue homeschooling.

Several weeks into praying this prayer, I was browsing through one of my local home school association groups online and saw a post that peaked my interest. The post was from another local home school mom and it went something like this, “Is anyone interested in a job that you can bring your kids and still home school?” … Um, yes! Me! That was literally my prayer almost verbatim. I was not about to turn away the blessing! So I responded for more information. She was looking for child care teachers for their church before and after school program. She explained to me the hours would be mornings and afternoons, with several hours in between leaving me time to home school my kids, and of course being a child care facility I would be able to bring them with me for a very good employee discount. I see you Lord! This was an answer to my prayer. I applied for the position, and got the job. I have since been promoted to Ministry Assistant of the child care program and work just a few more hours then before, but I am still able to do school with the kids.

Since I started working I have collaborated with many other working home school moms and learned that its not all that uncommon. There are plenty of opportunities to earn extra income for your household as a home school parent. So I am going to share with you a few of the ways that I personally know other home school parents make it work. Some are great for making side cash when you need it, others are steady income opportunities, but the important thing to keep in mind is that all of them are actual jobs that take actual work. You may have to put in some elbow grease, but it CAN be done! As an effort to sound extra cheesy I will end this part of the article with this quote, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

Without further ado, here’s a few ways to make money as a home school parent:

1. Starting with what I know, Child Care
Child care comes in many forms. You may want to be a weekend babysitter to make some pocket cash. Or sign on to be a full time nanny for a family that allows you to bring along your own kiddos. You can set up a profile or sign up with a provider company. I know there’s one in my area called angel fish services that basically acts as the middle man between parents and providers. If required by the parents, most babysitting or nanny jobs will require a minimum of CPR certification and first aid training, and most likely a clean background check.

Then there’s the early learning jobs, which include in home day care provider or working as an early childhood teacher in a day care facility. Day care providers specialize more on the education side of child care, and these jobs require by law for special training. Like sitters and nannies, day care providers will also be required to be CPR and first aid certified. They will be required to pass a clean background check, and depending on whether they are in home or in facility teachers the training will very. However generally the training covers subjects such as, In Home or Facility Rules and Regulations, Health Safety and Nutrition, Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Growth and Development, Safe Sleep Practices, and Early Literacy, just to name a few. Going the Day Care teacher route will require you to pass exams on these skills to continue practicing, but don’t let that deter you, the training only takes as long as you make it take and the exams are pretty common sense stuff.

The most important thing to be said about this option is that it is more than just a job. It is a calling. If you don’t feel called to take care of children I definitely do not suggest this route. These are people’s children, to be cared for and protected at all cost. Chances are as a home school parent, one of the very reasons you may have decided to home school was to keep your children safe from outside sources, because we have all heard the horror stories. So as a home school parent we of all people should understand how hard it is for these parents to leave their children in the care of basically a stranger. It is a trust between parents and providers and of course the children. Not to be taken lightly. If you’re just simply wanting to make a buck, there is nothing wrong with that but I suggest moving down the list then.

2. Sell your closet-
I know quite a few home school parents who actually make a good bit of money doing this. Most of them suggest starting with what you actually have in your closet. Clean out what you no longer wear, including clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. You can also do this for your kids stuff. Seeing as there’s a huge market for children’s clothing, I highly suggest this. Once you’ve got your stuff to sell post it on apps like “letitgo” or “poshmark”. Of course you can always go the oldie but goodie way of ebay!

Once you get the hang of it, you can start doing reselling. A couple moms I know will spend a few hours every week going to thrift stores and flipping things they find for a good chunk of change!

3. Makers and Crafters-
If you have a niche for making things that can be useful to others, someone will buy it! Sites like etsy make it easy to set up shop where all of you talented home school parents can turn your hobbies into profit! Don’t forget flee markets and art shows. Get yourself a booth and sell your crafts! I buy from my maker friends all the time.

4. Homesteading-
Not only can this save you money, but it can also earn you money. Homesteading involves growing your own food, farming animals, making your own soaps, detergents, etc. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to have a lot of land to do this. I suggest looking up the popular trend called “urban homesteading”. I actually dabbled in homesteading myself before. All you need is a box/container garden to get started. Farming animals is not required but if desired, a small chicken coop doesn’t take up much room. Once you get established you will be saving lots of money on produce, eggs, and other household goods. Then you can take your stuff down to your local farmers market and turn it into cash!

5. Find a job that allows you to bring your kids to work-
They do exist, and they’re not all working as daycare providers. I have a couple friends who work in gyms as personal trainers or yoga instructors. The catch is they work for a gym that provides childcare and allows them to utilize the childcare while they’re on the job.

There are also other companies who have learned the importance of on site child care for their employees, such as Home Depot and Publix. Get yourself a part time job at the grocery or hardware store, and home school with the other part of your time!

6. Uber Eats Courier-
So Uber came out with an awesome program that delivers food to people from anywhere. So if you want something to eat from somewhere that generally doesn’t deliver, you can call Uber Eats and they will bring it to you! This is also awesome for a home school parent who wants to make some side cash. Unlike regular Uber, that you definitely should not bring your children while you transport strangers, as an Uber Eats Courier you can bring your kids along for the ride to drop off some burgers! Awesome!

7. Photography-
This one is pretty popular among home school parents, but if you have what it takes you can make really good money doing photography. However you definitely need to have a talent for it, otherwise you will waste a lot of money in the process. The initial investment to be a photographer is a pretty good cost, so be sure it is something you are going to stick with. You don’t want to have a bunch of dusty equipment sitting in the corner never being used.

If you do stick with it though, it is worth it. I actually have several friends who support their households as the main source of income by owning their own photography business.

8. Direct Sales-
Though I honestly don’t know many people who get rich with direct sales. I do have friends who bring in a couple hundred extra dollars every month through their direct sales businesses! Do your research and find out what works best for you. My advice is make sure that you are selling something that you will use. Its really hard to sell a product that you’re not really passionate about, and people can tell if you’re faking.

9. Private Cleaning business-
You do not have to have specialized talents to start your own business. Everybody is good at something! If you are good at cleaning and organizing put it to use! Start a cleaning business cleaning vacation homes or condos. You’ll be more likely to be able to bring your kids to these places than someones daily home, but those jobs are out there too!

10. Online tutoring or teaching-
If you are a teacher, or you have an area that you can offer private lessons in, this is a good option for you. Below is a list of options to look into for online teaching and tutoring jobs.
Teaching jobs-
▪ K12
▪ Educate-online
▪ Connections Academy
▪ Flex jobs
Tutoring jobs-
▪ Sylvan Learning
▪ Chegg

11. Baking-
If you’re great at baking use that! I know a few home school parents who bake special cakes or cupcakes to order, for events. You could even use this as a teaching opportunity. I can see a home economics class coming out of this!

12. Beauty Services-
If you can do hair, makeup, nails, or if you are a massage therapist, this one is for you! Again, I know a lot of home school moms who have gotten their cosmetology or massage credentials and offer services from their home on their off time. It brings in extra money and allows them the flexibility to keep home schooling their kids!

Well, that concludes my list for now. What do you guys think? Can you think of anything to add to the list? I am always looking for new ways to help the home school community. Leave your comments below.





3 responses to “How to make money as a homeschooling parent”

  1. addoil10 Avatar

    Great ideas! Can I also suggest looking into brand ambassador work? Its how I make extra cash when I need it. I do liquor tastings and the pay is fantastic for only a few hours at a time. You can’t bring your kids BUT the hours are flexible and it pays between $17-$35 an hour!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joanie Bee Avatar

      That sounds fun, I wonder what other brand ambassador work is out there? I dont know much about that.


      1. addoil10 Avatar

        There’s all kinds of stuff. Food sampling. Even working booths at events for other companies. I’ve done ones for a cellphone company before too. But liquor promos in general pay more. I think ill do a post soon about how to break into the biz 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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