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  • The Motherless Mothers Day

    The Motherless Mothers Day

    Today has been exactly one month to the day since my mother passed away. Yesterday I went to see a grief counselor, to help in this healing process. She told me that all of the “firsts” are going to be the hardest. The first Mothers Day, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, etc. Unfortunately for me my…

  • Cervical Cancer and HPV

    Cervical Cancer and HPV

    So if you ask any of my close friends I am notorious for TMI (to much information), that being said I am gonna throw the big red TMI flag out there now so if you continue reading, well you’ve been warned. Alright, so today I am going to the lady doctor for my yearly. That’s…

  • The Day The World Didn’t Stop… But It Should Have.

    The Day The World Didn’t Stop… But It Should Have.

    My mother was very sick for a long time. She already beat cancer once, but in January of 2017 (just at the mark of what would have been her five year remission) it came back. She had cervical cancer caused by the HPV virus, however this time it came back in her lymph nodes. I…